International Departure Fast Track

International Departure Fast Track
Date: 25/08/2022 09:44 AM

    International Departure Fast Track

    Seeing off you leaving Vietnam

    - Our staff will welcome you at the time arrive at the airport;

    - Assisting you to carry luggage, packing luggage (if any);

    - Assisting you to get priority at the check-in counter, deposit check-in baggage (if any), get boarding pass;

    - Assisting you to complete the Security checking and Customs procedure at the priority area;

    - Guiding you to come Lounge area;

    Note: Your check-in procedures will be prioritized without any need to wait and stand in a long queue.


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    International Arrival Fast Track

    Our staff will greet you at aircraft’s gate; Assisting you to complete Immigration and Customs procedure. You will be given priority to get visa stamp and visa sticker at Landing Visa Counter without have to queue and wait;
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    Domestic Departure Fast Track

    Our staff picks you up as soon as you arrive at the airport. Support you to carry luggage, pack luggage (if any). Support customers to prioritize check-in procedures, check-in luggage (if any), receive boarding passes. Assist customers in completing security control procedures. Guide you to the boarding waiting area
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    International Transit Domestic Fast Track

    Assist you in completing Immigration and Customs procedures. You are given priority to issue visas at the border police area. Quickly get you out. Assist customers with procedures for the next flight.
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    Domestic Transit International Fast Track

    Our staff will pick you up at the door of the plane. Support you to get checked baggage (if any). Quickly take you through the international terminal. Assist customers with procedures for the next flight.
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    Greeting VIP coming to Vietnam

    Greeting VIP coming to Vietnam: - Passengers are picked up by the staff at the foot of the plane's stairs by private car; - Passengers are led into VIP B by our staff and representatives while completing procedures for Border Police (applicable to international flights), Customs... - Passengers are supported to receive luggage and bring it to the car.
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    Seeing off VIP leaving Vietnam

    Passengers are identified, greeted from the outside and guided into VIP A's house; - Passengers are guided and supported by our staffs with procedures for passengers, luggage, Border Police (applicable to international flights), Customs... right at VIP B's house; - Passengers are taken to the foot of the plane's stairs by private car.
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