Who is recommended to use this services?

Who is recommended to use this services?
Date: 24/08/2022 09:27 PM

    Orion Ps specializes in providing services at the airport. We help our customers optimize their pre-departure and post-flight time through various personalized service packages. We understand that procedures at the airport, heavy luggage, and dragging waiting time might affect your flight experience. This is why Orion Ps was founded with the mission to create such a premium and customized flight experience for every customer.

    With Airport Fast Track you will get priority for your check-in procedures at every airline counter. No need to wait and stand in a long queue.

    We want to bring the best experience on every flight for our customers. The services are designed exclusively for VIP customers, Businessmen, ...

    We regularly provide customers with the following target groups:

    • Those who enter Vietnam for the first time
    • Businessman
    • Elderly and Infants 
    • Pregnant Women
    • Transit but closing time too tight
    • Group of travel
    • No experience to do fight procedures

    With diverse needs and requirements for privacy during the execution of flight procedures, Priority Airport Check-in Service - Airport Fast Track receives the trust of high-ranking customers of agencies and organizations, Politicians, celebrities...

    Orion Ps is always ready to serve and is committed to bringing the best flying experience to its customers.

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    Shorten check-in time at the airport. You do not need to queue and wait. There is staff to carry your luggage (if needed). Specialized staff accompanies you throughout the service process.
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    Enjoy every moment on every flight. We provide all services exclusively for VIP customers. We will pick you up, see you off, and shorten your waiting time. Moreover, you can focus on other important things or simply enjoy the trip to the fullest.
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